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David has worked as an educator/ facilitator for over ten years. He has worked with many local schools and for agencies like Enable Ireland, Clare Youth Services, Brothers of Charity, and Clare Local Development Company. 

David has experience working with a range of age-groups and abilities. Classes and projects are individually tailored to the age range and abilities of the respective groups. 

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Areas of Learning

1. Drawing

Coloured chalk 3 D shapes and shading for art lesson

2. Sculpture

A figure made of wire, coated paper for an art project

3. 3D Drawing

3D sketch up drawing of a building

1. Drawing

1a. Colour Theory

We will first learn the fundamentals of drawing using charcoal and chalk such as shading 3d shapes. We then move on to the basics of Colour Theory where we explore colour mixing using primary colours. We apply the learning to drawing a still life picture using the skills acquired during our lessons.

1b. Perspective

I first teach the fundamentals of perspective. We explore how to convey depth in a drawing. We learn about perspective by examining relevant pieces from the art world. We then draw to develop the skill ourselves.

2. Sculpture

2a. Standing Figures

We start by creating a a wireframe structure skeleton for the figure.   We then cover it with newspaper and finally we plaster bandage it. It can then be painted. 

These smaller standing figures can then be assembled into a larger installation and displayed together. 

2b. Tribal and Cultural Masks

After choosing a culture to explore, each participant uses card on wood to create the basic structure. We then use plaster bandage on top to give the structure solidity. We then paint and decorate the masks.

This is an ideal project for discussion around culture and diversity.

3. 3D Drawing

Overview of SketchUp

Sketch up is a free 3d drawing software programme. It can be used to explore designing buildings and structures.

It’s easy to learn how to use the programme and participants enjoy creating an image of a 3d structure they’ve designed.   It is also possible to have the 3d images printed.   Participants need access to a computer. 

Projects with SketchUp

I guide participants in how to use SketchUp in a step-by-step way. We then choose a project theme together. This is usually based around designing and creating buildings, such as designing a house, town buildings, historical buildings.  The collection of buildings will form an imaginary town in the end.

 We can also explore geometric shapes such as snowflakes. 

How we work together


We work within your budget. Cost for groups is €40 per hour. Cost for individuals is €20 per hour.


Projects with Schools and Organisations usually run for 4 two-hour blocks usually with weekly sessions. Corporate events are usually 1 day events


Classes can be online or in person in Co. Clare. The lessons described above are all possible both on Zoom or in person.


Relevant materials can be provided to you at an additional cost.


David has up-to-date Garda vetting and insurance which can be provided upon request.


David has worked with this school on several occasions over the last decade. Underneath that calm and laid back manner lies the calculating and precise mind of an architect. The work he has done with us has been creative, mathematical, liberating and exact. It's an experience full of worthwhile contradictions.
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Dara Glynn
Principal, CBS Primary An Edmund Rice School, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland

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